• Divine Nature 3/19/17

    Divine Nature 3/19/17

    The Journey for every Christian is to transition from the old sinful nature to God’s nature. Accelerate your transition by knowing critical truths on how God made a way for every one of us. (Note from Curt: I just heard the sermon, it is absolutely fantastic, and better, extremely important. If you’ve ever struggled with getting free, this will set you free! Superb!!!)
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Discipleship/Essentials Resources

Being a Christian is the most exciting journey any person can ever undertake. When we accept that Jesus took upon Himself all the consequences due us, for every decision we ever made to go our way instead of the better one God has for us, we are made new in our innermost being.

This causes us to see things we had never seen before, to understand our lives and purpose in a new light, and to experience desires that are straight from His heart. He gives us His Spirit to be with us every moment to help, lead, comfort and empower us in every way. This is an intimacy with God that is both transforming and fulfilling.

Lake Samm has identified common elements of your journey that tend to make the most difference in coming into a real, vibrant, ever-growing relationship with Him:

  • Sunday Church — Getting together with friends to worship God and hear His heart.
  • Small Groups — Exploring God’s Word and our lives by meeting with friends while sharing laughs and food.
  • Serving — Taking on responsibilities to help others, which helps us exercise our faith.
  • Devotionals — Reading God’s Word, praying and just talking with Him daily.
  • 3-Folds — Joining 3 to 5 people every week to share, care and pray.
  • Outreach — Being Jesus’ hands, feet and heart to those who don’t yet know Him locally and around the world.

These six activities are not the journey, but the way to find and remain in the very center and heart of God’s journey for you. Being a follower of Christ is an active faith, not a passive belief. Practicing these six activities activates that faith in a real way so that our lives are continually and utterly transformed by Him.

To learn more about each of these activities and/or to let us know you’d like to get involved in one of them, simply click on the item.

Small Groups — Exploring God’s Word and our lives by meeting with friends while sharing laughs and food.

“Alone” isn’t a good way to live life—and it’s far from the rich life Jesus wants us to experience. Everything in life is better when shared. Celebration is richer. Sorrow is more bearable. Serving is more energized. Challenges are put in perspective. Decisions are wiser. We grow faster with people rooting for us, praying for us, and learning with us.

Lake Samm’s groups are great places to connect and grow. They are communities of 4 to 20 people where real life and biblical truth intersect.

We have groups that discuss how to apply the sermon to our lives, groups that study books, groups for various stages of your growth in faith, groups for men, groups for women, groups for different stages of life, and groups for various kinds of activities and interests. In short, we have no shortage of groups. Jump in and enjoy a group this week!

Find the right group for you.

Download the Small Groups list

Interested in beginning a Lake Samm Group?

If you want to host or facilitate a group, contact Wanda at 425-463-7000 or WandaF@LakeSamm.org

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Serving — Taking on responsibilities to help others, which helps us exercise our faith.

A few years ago, the Lord began to reveal to us the difference between how Jesus took people to new levels in their walk of faith versus how we tend to do it in the modern church. In particular, He showed us how professional ministers tend to carry all the weight, and therefore get most of the growth, of the ministry, even if pastors build strong teams to help. Jesus’ way was to send his followers out in pairs to experience all the demands, needs, hardships, fears, uncertainties, politics, relational issues, etc., so that they could then experience Him in all His anointing, miracles, glories, provision and care as He moved through them. This is how God grows people, so we thought we’d follow suit.

Our ministries are run by volunteer Ministry Teams. They have the benefit of seasoned mentors and team builders, but in the end we take seriously that every person has a unique gift that must be expressed for His body – the church – to function in the fullness He intends.

We also believe that when people step into the things that God prepared for them since before the foundations of the world, they will become absolutely everything He intended them to be. This is the best possible life anyone can ever live.

Lastly, when we enter into the things He has for us, we learn much more deeply who He really is, which inevitably causes us to come into a much deeper love and relationship with Him. As a well-known Bible study says, “Experiencing God” in action is the only way to really come to know Him in fullness.

The opportunities to serve at Lake Samm are endless. From leading a small group to cooking meals for those in need, from leading worship to maintaining the building, from reaching out to those in our community to helping in the office, we have the next place for you to grow in Him.

Get plugged in and let us know where you’d like to share your gifts

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Devotionals — Reading God’s Word, praying and just talking with Him daily.

Devos, short for devotionals, are first simply spending time with God in “relational prayer.” The car, the shower, a moment of crisis can all be excellent times to pray. But we also need to spend time alone with those we love. We call this relational prayer because it is spending time just talking with Him as we would our best friend.

This kind of prayer is not going through a checklist of obvious things, such as praying for a loved one who is ill. That prayer is important and can be part of your devotional. But first and foremost, devos are about spending time with God, so that you can discover more deeply why He is really your best friend. If you want to learn more about how to do devos, click here: How to do a Devo

The second element of devotionals is spending time in God’s Word. You can do this many ways, but we highly recommend a reading plan called S.O.A.P. that takes you through scripture in an organized way. To learn more about S.O.A.P., click here:  What is S.O.A.P.?

Please note: When we refer to devotionals, we are not talking about reading a devotional book, such as one by Oswald Chambers. Those books can be excellent and very valuable to your walk of faith, but devotionals are primarily about spending time with God in prayer and in the Bible. If you want help please try S.O.A.P first and then feel free to contact us for any additional help.

How to do a Devo

What Is S.O.A.P.?


To contact someone who can help you with “relational prayer” or S.O.A.P. Click here

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Download S.O.A.P. Schedule

What Is S.O.A.P.?

3-Folds — Joining 3 to 5 people every week to share, care and pray.

Have you ever known the incredible value of having a trusted confidant? Someone to walk through life with in a way that made all the difference? That is what a 3-Fold is all about. These are groups of 3 to 5 people of the same gender who meet weekly. Participants are able to bring up any subject, at any time, for any reason, for the purpose of discussion and prayer.

The best way to form a 3-Fold is to invite someone you know or ask your Small Group or Ministry Team for assistance. If you still need help, contact the church office.

Join a 3-Fold

Outreach — Being Jesus’ hands, feet and heart to those who don’t yet know Him locally and around the world.


First, let us help you reach friends, family, co-workers and neighbors through opportunities like Sunday Church, Small Groups, inviting other to serve with you, etc.

Second, Lake Samm will fully equip you to be increasingly effective through Sunday Church, Small Groups, Serving, Devotionals, 3-Folds and much more.

Third, we have very rewarding, ongoing ministries that are touching lives throughout our community. Just contact us below with what you’d most like to do, and we’ll connect you to the right person. We are also deeply involved in Jubilee Reach Center, an incredible multi-church outreach. We’d be happy to make introductions.

Get Plugged in Locally


We have designed a way for you to experience the lives of our Lake Samm missionaries. We call this our 2-Way Superhighway. It means connecting in some way with a missionary to help them minister, thereby growing your own faith as well, just as if you were on the mission field with them.

For example, using Skype you can participate in a 3-Fold, a Small Group study, etc. with someone across the world. In addition, we’ve had business people set up business arrangements with the people the missionary is serving. There are more ways we are developing all the time.

In essence, we are the missionary’s home-based staff. We meet with them regularly through Skype to brainstorm, pray, and experience the things God is doing through their ministry.

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If we can be praying for you in a specific way, please let us know. If you would like to keep your prayer request confidential please idicate that. Click here to submit your prayer request, and know that you will be prayed for this week.

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