Join 3-4 people every week to share, care and pray.

Make a difference in your life and in someone else's Be a part of a 3-Fold

The heart of Lake Samm

3-Folds is the heart of Lake Samm. It is where the deepest ministry tends to happen – both to you, and through you.

How it Works

These are 3-4 people of the same gender getting together once a week or so, for about an hour or so, to talk about life, family, God, whatever. We have a great Discipleship Tool called Reveal for Me that infuses the discussion, taking it deeper. Then you talk about whatever, typically what’s going on in each other’s lives. Then end in prayer for each other. Simple. Sweet. And since where two or more are gathered in His name, He is there (Matthew 18:20) they will ultimately come to be extremely powerful.

3-Folds meet in restaurants, coffee shops, houses, meeting rooms, anywhere.

Once you’ve been in a good one, you will wonder how you ever got by without it before. We have people that have moved overseas and still belong to their 3-Fold via Skype. That’s how good these are.

And since sometimes the ministry is through you, they are also extremely good ways to get better at letting the Lord flow through you to help others.

Getting in a 3-Fold

It’s easy to form a 3-Fold. Be yourself and let God work in and through you. Join one today and make a difference in a personal way.

Join a 3-Fold

Reveal For Me

Our Discipleship Tool is coming soon! Coming soon with up-to-date information and launch date. 

How to form a 3-Fold

Truly becoming one with another

A 3-Fold is a place of trust where you can share and pray about the deep things in your life. What is shared in 3-Fold stays in 3-Fold. In the deep relationships of a 3-Fold you both receive ministry, and minister/help others. Ask around, most people will tell you that their 3-Fold has been incredibly important to their life and walk in Christ. This alone is reason enough to be in a 3-Fold, but when God is doing something, He is always doing more than one thing. A good 3-Fold becomes a God-ordained, hands-on training ground for you to learn how He moves through you to help others. This makes you a much more effective minister in all areas of your life.

Note: If, after a couple months, it is not working for you gracefully back out and try again. It happens quite a bit. It is so worth the effort to find the one God is anointing for you! You’ll know it when you find it, it is that good.

Steps To Start A 3-Fold

Groups that form by themselves succeed more often than than groups formed by others. Try these steps:


Step 1: Pray about who the Lord wants you to talk to.

Perhaps it’s someone from a small group or serving team? Maybe someone from your Men’s or Women’s groups? Anyone stand out that you’ve met Sunday Morning?

Some of the very best 3-Folds are made of people who are not “obvious” matches. Don’t think of it as finding a friend, just pray and trust God.

Men need more than 3 – if one misses, you still have enough for a good conversation.

You don’t have to form the whole group. Contact who He leads, they may have another in mind.

Start with who you have. If it isn’t a full group yet, start anyway, and look for He’ll bring to fill it out.


Step 2: contact them and ask.

In person, by email, whatever works best. This can be a struggle for introverts but we’ve seen many reach out and be very glad they did. Even if a person is in a group, ask. They may want more than one group, or may invite you to theirs.

Have love and grace for one another. If you want help with any of this, just ask.


Step 3: decide on meeting times, location and frequency.

Time – scheduling is tough, be open to whatever might work, not just what works best for you.

Location – look for something semi-private— it
allows for deeper personal discussions and prayer.

Frequency – weekly is best, or go every other.

Being in a 3-Fold is amazing. I love the interactivity and personal support I get when I am in need.

Liu Kang

The camaraderie of meeting with a group of guys on a weekly basis is humbling and inspiring at the same time. I can feel confident in sharing my thoughts and prayers without being judged, and get the love and support I need from them.

Kung Lao

Excited to be with like-minded folks?

Get more personal with our 3-Folds group.