Messianic Rabbi/Pastor, Jonathan Cahn has just written a book titled The Harbinger. It is a fictionalized page turner of what Cahn believes to be a prophetic warning to America by God through the events of 9.11. I have not read this book and cannot vouch the soundness of its theology, nor whether it is genuinely prophetic. Some people say it is a great read, others say it is amateurish.

Either way, I bring it to our attention because I believe that it likely will become a significant topic in American Christianity and wanted to give everyone a head’s up. If you’re going to read it, let’s all be good Bereans, Acts 20:4, and carefully examine if it truly lines up with the Word and the Spirit. This includes reading the reviews that will come examining it in much more detail.

I look forward to a process of sharpening each of us through it. May God truly be the only one leading us – not fear, not deception, not avoidance, God and only God! Please pray for that as this all unfolds.