Church staff that’s ready to help

Our staff is helpful, joyful, and willing to go above and beyond.


Ministry Teams

A few years ago the Lord led Lake Samm to greatly increase discipleship by returning ministry to the Body. So we transitioned from the typical “pastor led” church, to one where every ministry is “owned” by individuals from our family. These make up what we call Steering or Ministry Teams.

This has been phenomenal for our church family!

God has blessed it so much that while everything may not always be perfect, it is always Him! In fact, often it is much better than what would have / could have happened in a traditional pastor led model.

Come be a part of what of God is doing…by letting Him move through you!

curt brunk

Lead Pastor

Julie Brunk

Director of Facilities and Events

Adam Carpenter

Sunday Experience/Sunday Productions 

Wanda Fisher

Office Manager & Administration

Julie Jenkins

Family Pastor & Team Builder

Kristy Davey

Front Office Admin

Carol Miller

Accounting Manager

Tamarah Lee

Overflow Youth

Chris Maddox

Community Care Pastor & Coordinator

Kelly Tompkins

Recovery Groups Pastor

Kevin Perales

Associate Pastor & Team Builder